Join the LMIAJobs Partner Program

Grow your portfolio, LMIAJobs Partner Program gives you access to our expert team for handling, processing, and acquiring LMIA approval for your clients.

As an LMIAJobs Partner, you get your clients what they need.

What is the LMIAJobs Partner Program?

The LMIAJobs Partner Program is a hub for immigration companies to look for, arrange and get LMIA approval for your temporary foreign worker (TFW) clients. We leverage our expertise in LMIA processing to your hands.

Work with employers
Get access to our ongoing relationship with Canada's top employers, and access hundreds of opportunities.
Job Compliance
Guarantee your client's process complies with LMIA regulations.
LMIA Processing
We handle the burden of the LMIA process, from obligatory job postings to LMIA applications.
LMIA Application
Everything should be in place for LMIA Application, and our experience allows us to have a clear plan upon each submission.
Get a tailored approach to your client's needs
Growing your portfolio is much easier when you can access the right tools and services.

Here's what you can expect:

Access to thousands of job opportunities
Deliver additional service to your clients by partnering with us; they search for a position in the job market.
Add services to your portofolio
We get it; sometimes, you need a field expert to fulfill your client's needs. Let us add the LMIA overall process to your portfolio.
Centralized partner portal
Handle all your client's information and access our job database through our LMIAJobs Partners Portal.
Our experts are standing by to help you solve any issue
Get help to map your business strategy with consultation services, training and more.

Trusted by the well known Canada companies


...and many more. We currently work with employers and immigration companies throughout all Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario provinces.

$99 / month

Some of the perks included

LMIA Compliance Job Openings

Job Bank and Localized Job Postings

Client Documenation handling

Employers Documentation

LMIA Application

Partner Service Fee